Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Pet Fountain - Blue

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Pagoda ceramic drinking fountain The Drinkwell® ceramic pagoda drinking fountain is constantly circulating and filters the water of your pet. The Pagoda Drinkfontein offers 2 liters of fresh, filtered water and the ceramic design is easy to clean. The double -free streams provide the water with oxygen and keep it fresh. This encourages your pet to drink more. The perfect moisturizing solution for your pet! • The fountain is made of ceramics and is therefore hygienic and easy to keep clean • Increased drinking dish for older animals or animals with osteoarthritis • A replaceable carbon filter removes dirty flavors and smells, which ensures a better taste • A replaceable foam filter keeps the pump and the water cleaner because it collects hair and dirt • Subject pump for a quiet operation • Can be in the dishwasher (with the exception of the pump) Filters: PAC19-14088 Replacement carbon filter - 4 pieces PAC19-14089 Replacement foam filter- 2 pieces
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